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While we are all individuals with distinctive value systems, it is still useful to be able to categorise people with reference to 5 value types.
Some roles are best suited to people of one type only, some types are wholly unsuited to particular roles.
IDs have the values of potential transformational leaders, ODs for transactional leadership.
SDs are ideally suited to regulatory roles, TDs to stimulating, people-orientated environments.
MDs have certain advantages that can make them thorough analysts.


change - resistant
risk - averse
creativity - working with what you have
cooperative - subject to threat of change
outlook - belief based morality
frame of reference - narrow
learning - small steps
when challenged - turn a deaf ear
work preference - stability & predictability
want to - fit in and follow

giveaway - last year's model


change - when necessary
risk - unavoidable
creativity - innovative
cooperative - if at all possible
outlook - knowledge based morality
frame of reference - wide
learning - open and rapacious
when challenged - best foot forward
work preference - free from constraint
want to - do things better and be left to it
giveaway - take as you find

change - only for clear advantage
risk - prefer loaded dice
creativity - getting the job done
competitive - oh yes!
outlook - belief based.competence
frame of reference - focussed
learning - for a purpose
when challenged - uncomfortable
work preference - targets and promotion
want to - impress and lead
giveaway - designer brands


change - bring it on!
risk - an occupational hazard
creativity - experimental
competitive - probably a little
outlook - knowledge based.competence
frame of reference - expanding
learning - as it comes
when challenged - fair enough
work preference - fun & novelty
want to - expand their horizons
giveaway - restless feet