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Attitude and response to change lies at the heart of the DNA needs and values model.
How we perceive change, assess its likely impact and then go on to act is determined by the value preferences DNA measures.

Trying to understand and predict how change will impact on an organization without DNA
could be likened to trying to forecast the weather by putting a finger in the air; without satellite and weather station analytics.

DNA can be used in the planning and implementation phases to improve outcomes.
It enables organizations to holistically model proposed changes so as to better assess the likely chain of cause and effect, and refine proposals so as to deliver desired outcomes.
As change is being delivered it can help the change team smooth transitions and overcome difficulties.

DNA can be fully integrated with change methodolgies such as Prosci to remove hurdles to change.
The above 'traffic light' graphic represents the Prosci Sponsor Assessment Diagram,
where the red and amber symbols denote individuals needing help to become active sponsors of change:
Prosci identifying the potential blocks, DNA providing the decongestant.