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cultural evolution

The evolutionary nature of DNA's structural framework allows us to model personal motivation and cultural evolution on the same map.

This allows us to plot the path of the dominant cultural needs and values from the past and witness a smooth evolutionary progression following an anticlockwise path around the DNA cultural map.

Independent thought and action (self-direction) and the ability to connect seemingly disparate concepts (universalism)
are (and always have been) the engines of technological innovation, and hence of cultural evolution.  

The rate of IT innovation increases exponentially with time, increasing as it does the ease with which people can share, develop and implement ideas,
and therefore exponentially accelerates the pace of societal cultural change toward these ID values.

In order to surf the wave of change, rather than have it break over them, organizations need to undergo a rapid cultural evolution of their own, moving on from the OD dominated cultures that currently dominate.

DNA can be used to help organizations transform themselves into the fully dynamic, innovative, highly responsive,
change ready, diverse and cooperative entities they need to become to be sustainable.