Values-related decision making biases in organizations

As a thank you to organizations participating in our research, which involves staff investing 10 minutes in an online survey, in addition to providing values profiles to individual staff members, we will provide cultural maps of any or every part of the organization and feedback to help make sense of this.
Without breaching anyone's confidentiality we can provide an overview of the values of individuals in any department, section or level in an organization.

The alignment between the needs and values of individuals and organizational needs is a key determinant of organizational performance.  Simple maps like this one help us to see at a glance how aligned these needs and values are, as well as flagging up potential management and leadership challenges and the best means by which to address these. 
If individual staff members are happy to share their values profiles, this opens up a whole other world of opportunties; helping address and overcome a wide range of performance related issues: communication breakdowns, motivational differences, infighting, lack of structure, engagement, incompatible leadership styles, difficulties dealing with change, etc....

If you think your organization might be interested
please feel free to get in touch with me, Neil Griffiths, via the following email address