DNA is backed by science

DNA's inventor Neil Griffiths is a specialist in evolutionary psychology and evolutionary systems theory
as it relates to people, organizations and society.

Working with Dr. Anat Bardi at Royal Holloway University of London he is conducting research
aimed at advancing human understanding of the relationship between genes, values, personality, perception and decision making.

Despite pioneering work in academic thinking, Neil's ambitions are entirely practical.
A former Chartered Surveyor, investment fund manager, property developer, inventor and professional artist,
working with the support of Prof. Shalom Schwartz at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
and the encouragement of Cambridge evolutionary biologist, and former City analyst, Dr Tom Mitchell
he is working to help people be more rational, confident and understanding of themselves and others and to communicate more effectively with each other.
His aim being to increase and realize personal potential, build more effective organizations and contribute to building a better society.