Birth Order Effects on Values Research


The link below will enable you to participate in our research to determine the effects of birth order on our personal values.

  The linked introductory webpage will provide you with further information including contact details of the researchers and the ethics committee of our psychology department.

Benefits of Participation

  In addition to helping advance the state of human knowledge, in particular how the home environment affects the things we value in later life,
participants are entitlet to receive a free DNA personal values profile and a guide to understanding your motivational system.

Risks of Participation

There are no significant risks associated with participation.  Most people enjoy answering the questionnaire.  
Some people find stating how alike they think they are to some of the people being described difficult because they associate with one of the two statements more than the other.  
In such situations remember you are being asked to state how like the person who holds these views you are,
and so, if you strongly associate with one statement but not the other, you might state your similarity to the person to be somewhere near the midpoint of your agreement with each statement.

Link To Questionnaire