what is dna?

It is the answer to the question.
 "How can we help our people and this organization better deal with change?"

Dominant Needs Analysis helps us understand the needs and values of people
as well as those of the roles, systems, organizations and societies we create

It helps us overcome the unhelpful feelings and irrational biases that limit our perceptions and blight our decision making

It is a different approach to personal and organizational development that comes with a psychometric.

It is practical, outcome orientated and based on over 25 years of peer reviewed research.

It enables people, processes and organizations to be mapped together and understood as one

It can be used as a consultancy app to increase the efficacy of all forms of organizational consultancy

It complements, adds depth to and is entirely compatible with all effective psychometrics and consultative processes

It helps us answer the question 'why' so we may better answer the question 'how'