for organizations

While an organization can't exist without its people, it is more than the sum of its people.
 The roles, systems and structures within it, and the communication channels connecting them, all take on a life of their own;
each with their own needs.

DNA enables organizations to understand and align the needs of people, process and structure
so that everything fits together and runs like a dream.  Happy people and efficient organizations.

The success of an organization depends on its ability to deal with change: whether innovating or adapting.
The ability of an individual to deal with change is governed by their values.
The ability of an organization to deal with change is governed by its culture.
The culture of an organization arises from the collective needs and values of its people, customers, roles, processes, etc.

DNA based consultancy enables all of these factors to be assessed and understood as one,
enabling the creation and implementation of effective and sustainable holistic solutions.

According to McKinsey the reason why organizations fail to deal with change lies in their inability to deal with "employee attitudes and management behaviour",
and "common sense" initiatives fall short because "people are irrational in unpredictable ways".
 DNA helps predict "the unpredictable" and understand and manage employee and management attitudes and behaviours.
It can be used to complement any change management process, and fits seamlessly into and complements arguably the most fool-proof change management system available: Prosci

Where Prosci and its ADKAR model help organizations ask the right questions in the right order,
DNA helps organizations answer them and take appropriate action.