for people

A DNA report is the equivalent of an X-ray of a person's motivational system
The insights it offers are profound but easy to understand - because they make sense!
While reports can stand alone, consultancy support is highly recommended if anything like their full value is to be extracted

DNA reports are designed to engage rather than judge, to reveal and connect rather than to grade and separate.

While our values are relatively stable they are not fixed.
We all have the ability to change, but sometimes our perceived and unconsciuous needs get in the way.
The secret to understanding and working with and around these needs lies in the pattern of our deeply held values.

While the information source remains the same (responses to a short survey), DNA reports can be tailored to the use they will be put to.
Self-awareness, self-development, teamwork, leadership, recruitment and cultural change programmes all have different needs,
as do people with differing learning styles, performing different roles and using a different language.
DNA reports can be tailor made to fit clients' requirements.

For those looking for the familiar, DNA brings Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to life, with science replacing his intuitions.
For those concerned about rocking the boat or having to replace a trusted approach,
DNA complements, overlaps and adds depth to existing coaching and performance enhancement methodologies and all valid psychometrics.