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Well, you could either read some of the nice things people have said about their DNA reports, or...



The following is a review by a senior member of the Rolls Royce ‘high potentials’ group.

"My thoughts are that it is a more rational, useful & specific assessment than others I have done. I thought it was particularly useful where the analysis elaborated on challenge areas & posed potential avenues to explore. For example the commentary in my report really exposed the nub of a few behaviours I have noticed in myself but have never been able to figure out why. The report also got me thinking about where I may fit best within the company to maximise my personal effectiveness.

Other assessments I have done include MBTI type 1 and type 2s, career anchors, behavioural competencies. They have all shed light on personal behaviour but the DNA report took it to another level for me.

If RR do choose to take it up it would be even better if the results and analysis were also discussed in a one-to-one session. A useful career development tool would also be to see how roles within the company map onto some of these characteristics.

I would score it as a 10/10 & would be happy to elaborate further if that would be helpful."

And another from a senior exec.

"10/10 - I thought the report was fascinating and very thought-provoking with some extraordinary insight especially given how quick it was to fill in the questionnaire."

And another based in the US

"Wanted to give you the feedback that I thought that the DNA report was fantastic. 10/10.

I felt that the analysis was spot on and gave me a lot to think about. I’ve shared it with some of my team as well and thought about using it in developmental 1:1s."

This is a review by a senior member of the police

"To be honest this has been the most useful survey for me out of all the tests I’ve done recently. Many of my results don’t make sense and seem contradictory and so to do this test which shows I have value conflicts is starting to help me understand why other tests don’t make sense."

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